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Introducing the next generation of infrared gas detectors with C1 to C5 breakdown.

Improve your formation evaluation and interpretation using more accurate and reliable gas readings based on one second cycle times for better decision making.

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Our Hardware – Innovative, reliable, accurate.

  • The gas monitor is CSA special acceptance approved for Class 1, Division 2 groups B, C & D (explosive areas).
  • The rugged, durable, aluminum enclosure is explosion proof and withstands the tough environment of drilling rig operations.
  • The wireless modem’s built-in security protects your data transfer.

Wireless Benefits

  • Increases safety by eliminating the potential entry of poisonous gases in the geologist’s work area.
  • Powerful radios are built to military specifications, software encrypted and operate with a non-line-of-sight of 8 km (5 miles).
  • Saves space in the geologist’s work area.
  • Safe, easy and quick to rig up.
  • Less risk of freezing in colder weather with the reduction of poly lines.
  • Gas content is read almost instantly increasing accuracy and safety.

Infrared Advantages

  • Detects trace amounts of hydrocarbons.
  • Provides excellent thin-bed resolution and fracture analysis.
  • Has no known contaminants and works in the presence of moisture.
  • Increased repeatability and sensor life.
  • Infrared sensors are not susceptible to drift as are older technologies like Catalytic Combustion (CC) and TCD sensors.
  • Non-destructive sampling method (no combustion of gas sample).
  • No carrier gas or Transportation of Dangerous Goods are required.
  • One second sampling provides increased accuracy for geosteering.

Our Software

Concise, powerful, flexible.
Easy to use, real-time data acquisition

  • Software is WITS compatible enabling communication with any Electronic Drilling Recorder (EDR).
  • ROP, C1 to C5 and Gamma Ray data are easily exported into ASCII format.
  • TOTAL Gas Detection Ltd. uses an ASCII format to export data quickly and efficiently into geological striplog programs and Microsoft Excel.
  • Data can be viewed and exported in both time and depth formats.
  • Gas lag calculations are based on annular velocity and circulating data, accurately correlating Gas, and ROP against depth.
  • Gamma data is logged according to the location of the tool if available.
  • The software is designed to run problem free for extended periods of time.
  • Software plots wetness, balance and character ratios.
  • Pixler plot ability.
  • Gas normalization feature and plot.
  • Full suite of user configurable alarms.
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